Phone GPe GS4 9505G in Germany t-mobile

Hi, all! this is my first post. After long frustrating hours I decided to ask for SOS.

I just moved from the US to Germany. My GS4 GPe 9505G (from the US) works fine here up to 3G but it will not pick up LTE because here in Germany they use different LTE channels...

Also, I just received the OTA update for 4.4 and everything is good on 4.4 now.

My question is, is there any way to update the "Baseband" /modem to the German i9505 model baseband so that I can use LTE here?
In the past when i tried to update the modem via ODIN, it will not accept it, I can try the Linux way...any HELP will be GREATLY appreciated!!!
Thank you all for reading.