Default "move to sd" not working with some apps

I've been trying to free up some space on my internal memory by transferring nearly all my apps to my sd card using the "move to sd card' option in 4.3

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to transfer all all apps after giving the command. I check in app manager/sd card and they are all listed as transferred and they even have the "sd card app" size listed ,yet the largest apps are still on the internal storage, as the obb data are still there.

I've tried copying the entire obb folder to my sd card but I have no idea how to link the path so that the apps execute properly. If i try opening an app after deleting the obb file from internal default storage path, it just re-downloads the file from the server.

This is really annoying. I have just about every app "transferred" yet I'm nearly out of storage space. If I check the properties of my obb folder on internal storage its nearly 6 gb!

I have root. Please shoot me some ideas as to how to fix this, as i have been searching high and low the past 2 hours trying to find a work around.

I've also cleared about every cache and unneeded file.