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*High Resolution Pages with Pinch to zoom effect
*All Chapters Complete Story
*No internet connection required

* The six-issue miniseries that restored Hal Jordan as Earth's Green Lantern

* This collection also includes the preview story from Wizard Magazine! See how a man born without fear rebuilds his life, putting cosmic forces into motion that will have repercussions on Earth and across the universe.

* Hal Jordan who is the first human being enlisted by an interstellar police force known as the ‘Green Lantern Corps’. Assigned to patrol sector 2814 by the Guardians on OA, Hal Jordan is a hero.

* That lasts until the 90′s when stuff starts to go wrong for old Hal. First he gives up the ring for Carol Ferris, his long time love, only to find out she’s been living a double life.

* He finds he way back to the ring and, after the Guardians disappear for a bit, forms a new Corps on earth with some friends.
* This comic will take you to another world for a little while...

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