Default [Q] Tasker Question

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place but i could not find anything else in the forums...

I have a question about tasker. I am trying to set up a status bar widget with tasker and zooper. I want the widget to show 3G if and only if it is connected to 3G and likewise with wifi and 4G. It works at first. If I start the widget with wifi off and data off it will be blank and will update when I turn them on... but they do not go away. If i turn wifi off it still shows Wifi on my widget....

My current Tasker Profiles are as follows: (pardon my syntax)

State:Net 3g -> #T3G# = '3G'
State:Net 4g -> #T4G# = '4G'
State:Wifi -> #TWifi# = 'Wifi"

There is no if statements on any of these.

I have these plugged into Zooper and as I stated before, they work when I start, but they will not go away.