Default [Q] Xperia mini pro sk17i(Z1 honami rom) hw keyboard slide screen orientation issue

Hey guys , i just came across a wonderful named ROM Z1 honami exclusive edition by Saqib Nazm for my Xperia mini pro sk17i..

it is simply the best ROM i've come across till date for my device in terms of every factor that can be considered for a ROM to be works on all 2011 xperia devices too

BUT there's only one and only one screen no more orients itself to landscape mode on hardware keyboard slideout

in case of any other ROM i would have just flashed my phone back to stock as i the beauty of the my Xperia mini pro lies itself in its premium hardware keyboard but this ROM is so epic that first time in my life i'm compromising and trying to find a fix to the problem...but nothing's working..!!!