Exclamation [Q] No Voice, No Data, No SMS (Please Help)


I have a Verizon GS3 that was originally running 4.0.4, VRALHE. I rooted, updated the baseband to MF1, and installed RLS16 of HyperdriveROM, so I could get on 4.1.2. I had the option to go GSM or Global, but when I put in my MetroPCS sim, I get nothing. It prompts me for Global, but I cant make calls or send sms. I also put in the APN and no data as well.

After that I installed CyanogenMod 10.1.3. and am still having the same issue. I have an IMEI, it doesnt appear to be lost, and I have tried the phone info app, as well as trying to go through the secret menu, the network lock menu was blank when I was on Hyperdrive, and now the code to bring up the menu doesnt even work on Cyanogen. Any ideas on what I can do to unlock this phone? I've searched similar posts, but none of them seem to be exactly like my issue. Any response would be greatly appreciated.