Question [Q] issues flashin roms

okay running cm9 alpha6 trying to flash to cm10.1 wild using cwm5.5 keep getting status 7 okay ill try direct bootcwm5v3 can't find the file to do so
trying to boot emmc multiboot utility to update profile. can't find direct boot. can someone help me get this to work? and using cwm5.5 im fully backed up
2 goals
1. get cm10.1 wild on here
2. boot emmc multiboot utility

i am familiar with using Odin but would prefer to avoid it if possible easier to recover if ive still got cwm to restore my backup
i have the cm10.1 zip and the multiboot file

edit: have suceeded in first goal using el26 stock cwm recovery kernel from rwilcos repository
edit: 2nd goal negated: cwm10.1 WILD-FOR-THE-NIGHT-08042013-d710 is capable of updating profile
would a moderator please lock this topic