Unhappy Soft Bricked my Nabi 2 Please help guys!!!!

Hey guys long story short I finally figured out how to root my nabi 2 from victoria antonios vid on youtube.. wellit was working for a few weeks perfectly. then I tried to unroot and bring it back to stock because I was trying to download apps and it kept saying not enough memory.. well Im sorry I dont have every detail but i went into twrp screen and wiped all data like a f**kn jackass. Well now I cant get into my device it says no OS and Im having an impossible time installing a driver on my windows 8 computer.. i cant reroot or do anything because the pdanet or other ADB makes me get into my device for something... Im lost.. Ive been searching for daaaaays trying to figure out how to fastboot and flash some new rom but I dont know how to mount my sdcard to my computer without accually being able to get into the device.. I do the recovery kernel and it keeps taking my to twrp thing.. please help guys.s.. if i have to i will mail someone a check if they can help me.. Im so bummed out fellahs.. please help me you will get good karma i promise!how can i mount the friggin sd card to flash... or whats your guys's best course of action?!?!?!?