Default [Q] Android writing tools

Hi, how is it for all the years android has now been around. In what must be millions of iterations and formats.
Regardless whether it be on a small device or large touch screen.
One constant has been universal.
Whenever we try to type on the screen, whether its a dedicated app or a text box in facebook, the designers and developers have seen fit to grace us with the most painfully idiotic text select tools and the most ridiculously small box to type in that could ever possibly be imagined.
What you think is half a screen of real estate to compose your master piece, once clicked, a text box magically pops up a tiny java esq stamp sized patch, and an infuriating scrolling box that lets you read three whole words at a time.

Does anyone know a reason why this is? or what can be done about it?
I would surly love to know. And is it due to android interpreting the requirements of the app/webpage.
Or the other way around.
Thankfully xda is one of the very few exception websites

And sorry if this isnt the correct section to ask.