Default [Q] How do I properly sync Google contacts to reflect only what I want?

I have my contacts synced with my Google account, but it throws every single email/number I have ever used/sent email to the phone. If I try to send a text and push a particular letter, I get every single email address that starts with that letter and then I get various contacts information. That's a bit too much information.

I don't know how I had it synced with my iPhone, but if I push "A" then it only gives me the contacts that I have (which are synced with my Google account) phone numbers* for my texts app. On email, it will first bring up the most contacted (that what it seems like) beginning with that letter.

On the G2, I get the same entire list in no particular order for both the text and email app. I can't seem to only include just the contacts that I had on the iPhone previously. * I did figure out how to disable it showing contacts without numbers, so my call list now looks correct, but is still a mess when I try to send a text/email.

Does this make sense?

On the text app-- I only want the numbers of my contacts that have been synced with Google that phone numbers. These are the contacts I have located on
On the email app-- I would prefer to only have the email contacts that I often communicate on top of the list, but if that's not possible, I can live with typing in more letters to fine tune my address.

The first part is killing me. I don't want to have to type out the contact's name when sending a text when I'm used to doing it one (sometimes two) letters previously.

I had also tried to sync my FB account but quickly undid that since it just added all my Facebook friends on there (a lot of them have numbers, but I don't want them on my phone). With iPhone, it would only sync information/picture if I had that contact already on my Google contacts and on my phone.

Should I just wipe the phone and resync again? I just got it, so there's no real data on it for me lose. Would that solve anything?