Default Gamestop BTC44-01 bluetooth game controller problem.

Hey guys. I have the Evo V 4G it's rooted, with 4Ext recovery and S-On (i've only had this one a month and don't feel like doing s-off again, this is my 4th Evo V in a year), I'm running CoolICS v1.7 ROM.

The problem I'm having is my Gamestop bluetooth game controller model number BTC44-01 will pair with my Evo 3D but won't stay connected. It will tell me "press any button on your keyboard to reconnect". The controller works on my Droid Razr, my girlfriend's Atrix HD, my son's tablet, my tablet, just not my Evo 3D!

I've tried Bluez IME also and can't get it to connect.

Does the bluetooth stack in CoolICS v1.7 not support HID devices? Am I missing something? I would love to hook it up to my TV and play some of the awesome video games on my phone with my wireless controller!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.