Default max-num-metering areas a hardware limitation?

does anybody know if the "max-num-metering areas" and "max-num-focus-areas" are limitations in the hardware or software? Android has since 4.0 an API to support multiple areas for the focus and exposure metering in camera apps ( but there are still devices like the S4 who just support 1 area for focus and 0 for exposure metering.

VSCO Cam for iPhone for example supports to tap one area for focus, and another one for exposure which wouldn't be possible on the S4. Apps like Shot Control support this on some other Android phones as well.

Is this a hardware limitation or software? It would be nice if someone with the GPE Edition of the S4 or a custom rom could check it. This free little app gives a list of all camera parameters ( including the two important values
"max-num-metering areas"

If I remember correctly the pretty old Samsung Galaxy Nexus supported 5 of each , so it's a huge step back on the S4 with not a single custom exposure metering region..