Cloud Search [Q] Android Game School Project

I'm working on a school project developing an android game for a class. The game includes a maze that is set up using a matrix, I have two problems going forward from there though.

-The matrix is going to be converted into small blocks and assembled as a graphic: What would be the best method to approach this?

-The maze needs to be larger than the screen size, and the screen needs to scrolls through it as if an object centered in the screen is moving through the maze (movement is being done by the accelerometer).
I have no idea how to even approach this, what method of drawing to the screen should be used, and how do I make the maze larger than the screen?

None of my team members have any experience with Android, but 2 (not me) have experience with java, and 3 of us with C++.

Thank you for reading and any help given.