Default [Q] Error to request HTTPGet in Sony xperia Z


I'm developing an application for android. This application consists in making a http get request to the server, and even return a certain content. In this request, I need to send a header, so the server will confirm that it is accurate.

If the header is correct, the server sends the information you need. Otherwise, the server gives an error message.

Have tried to run this code on multiple devices, such as Samsung S3 (Android Version 4.1.2), Samsung Ace (2.3), Sony xperia sole (4.0.4), Nexus 7 (4.4). In all these devices, the code ran smoothly.

My question is this: I tried running on Sony xperia Z (Version 4.2.2), but it gave error. I try to send the header to the server, but the value is not enough to be received at the server side.
I wonder if anyone can help me?

Thank You