Default Need some advice on tablets

Ive realized what I want in a tablet and I was hoping someone could help me.
Want: A stylus (im a student, need it to take notes), having the latest android version, being able to put the rom of my choice on it, fast, a nice screen and lastly, it has to look nice and feel good in the hand.

Ive looked into many tablets and the 2 that Im currently considering are the Samsung Note 10.1 (2014) and the Microsoft Surface Pro 2.
I know what youre thinking, Surface Pro 2!? You cant have the latest android on there and essentially neither can you on the Samsung. I dont know what it is about the Surface, but when I look at it, I am just in complete awe, I absolutely love the product, but hate the fact that Android isnt on it.

So what I really want to know is:
Samsung Note
- Can I root it and apply a custom rom on it (I absolutely hate touchwiz for many reasons) and still be able to use all the functionality of the S Pen? Ive heard something about it getting significantly harder to root Samsung products now, so I was wondering how much support there actually is for the Note.

Surface Pro 2
- Is it possible to have android on there with windows, so I can boot which ever one I want, whenever I want? I have seen some threads on XDA on this, but it seems like some major functionalities get lost when putting android on it (eg Wifi and bluetooth).

If you guys have any other recommendations, please be free to let me know. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!