Default [Q] 3G areo and H orange

i have Nexus7(2012) 32gb 3G KK 4.4
my problem is to connect to the server game Order n chaos. its looks like that. all about polish mobile operators. when i put into my tablet sim card from Orange, where i bought 1bg data transfer, i start the game and i cant even get to screen login, bc game checking updates. than shows no internet connection, but my www works well. full strengh of signal H sign. i cant connect to game server. but i put other sim card from AERO2 operator(512kb/s but free) and i see signal strenght 90-100% with 3G/H sign and than i can connect to the game. please tell me what should i do to use faster internet from Orange(no lagsss ]:>) i tryin with Port Forwarder but maby i do wrong. please help. maby gameloft blocking, or internet operator blocking. sorry for my english, its really weak