Question Mac/Ubuntu Cannot See Device ADB

So I was updating my (rooted) HTC One OTA and after I did it, I got the bugdroid icon with "No command." under it. Before if I pressed volume up I would get the recovery menu but I couldn't get ADB to see the device so I thought I would clear cache and do a factory reset hoping maybe that would do something... now it takes 10 minutes of pressing volume up and pressing it and hte power button in different ways I have the recovery window open, but I am still not getting adb to connect.

I don't think this issue is strictly due to my No Command issue, because when I used to try connecting to ADB on my mac -- I always had to run some command which cleared some sort of cache on my mac. All I remember is that I would type it in, and then it would scroll a bunch of text (which looked similar to something compiling) and then after I ran adb devices it would show up...

I can't find what I did before.. and Googleing hasn't really given many good results. I have been without a phone for a few days so I am kinda wanting to just be done with this :P

Hopefully someone knows wtf I am talking about