Default [GAME][2.2+] Follow Me Saga, Free Turn-Based Strategy Game

Hey Everybody!

Wanted to announce the release of the newest game for Android called Follow Me Saga!

Follow Me Saga is a Turn-Based Strategy Game that challenges players to think deeply and create new strategies . Along with the main Turn-Based Strategy Game Mode, Follow Me Saga also features 3 unique and engaging Mini-Games to add variety to your experience.

Players play as Jesse the Prospector Prodigy as he attempts to stop the increasingly dangerous and mysterious Man in Red in order to save the land of Cania as it teeters on the brink of destruction.

►Simple to Learn, Hard to Master Turn Based Strategy Game with Unlockable characters and Special abilities
►3 Unique Mini-Games that use physics, memory, and time that challenge both mind and dexterity
►Over 60+ Levels to be perfected throughout the land of Cania