Default [Q] How to port roms to Stock kernel?

Hey mates.
I was wondering, how can i port a rom "for example: xperiabread ultra v7.0" to work with Stock kernel?.
If i use let's say "minicm7 pro v21" as base, and only change the apk's from the apk's folder " from xperiabread apk's to the base minicm7 pro v21 rom" will it work? or is there something missing?. I can't use naa-14 kernel because my phone once in a while shut down or loose signal :S.

Please people i really need answers on this one, because i can't afford a new phone right now "just to run android 2.3 with no bugs" :S , i really like Gingerbread because it's more practical to use than Eclair in everything.