Default CWM Recovery Reboots when wiping /data

I'm having a strange problem with my phone. Earlier today it stopped booting for some reason (Gets to boot animation, then reboots), so I figured something was wrong with my ROM. So, I went into CWM and tried to wipe my phone, but when it got to wiping /data, my phone rebooted. Nothing allows me to format /data, and my phone refuses to boot. I would Odin to stock, but I don't have the files (or know which ones to use as my phone had the bootloader required for newer CM), and I'm worried it may cause more problems. Anyone know how to fix this?

FIXED: So... Yeah, that was weird. The second (and I do repeat, second) time I tried to wipe data with no external sdcard (A suggestion I saw in another thread), data formatted like it was no one's business, and I was able to flash a new ROM to my phone. So, I guess everything is good now.