Default [Q] How to determine why my SD Card might have formatted itself?

Disclaimer: This is my first post. I have looked at other threads relating to this issue but I couldn't find any that answered my question. Also I want to add that the help and information I have gained from this website has been immeasurable, so thankyou in advance!

Today out of no where I went to play some music on my Skyrocket and noticed that everything on my SD card had been erased and the only thing that was left was an empty LOST.dir folder.

Luckily I back things up fairly regularly and haven't lost anything important that I know of. But I am obviously concerned that this has happened out of the blue.

Is there any way to determine what caused this or what happened? Could it have been a malfunctioning app? A virus? Is my SD card defective?

I connected my SD card to my computer with a card reader and ran Recuva. In the comment section it often states that many of the files have been overwritten with nonsensical paths (such as "F:\?\vZP}۱.͏")

I have been running CM 10.1.2 since it's release and my phone has been pretty stable. My SD card is a Lexar 32 GB Class 10 Micro.

Any suggestions?