Default [Q] Problem when attempting to flash TWRP

I rooted my phone with no issues. Then when preparing to get TWRP on my phone I was setting up ADB via this tutorial and got the phone to be recognized as device in the cmd window, but when doing the adb reboot bootloader step, the phone just reboots to vzw logo and then the home screen. After being stuck at that step I tried this method using flashify but after flashing and hitting the reboot button my phone wouldn't turn on and thought I bricked it until I waited a few and then had to hold the power button down for 15 seconds and it turned on. But now I can't get to the white screen reset menu (Stock recovery menu?) using the power+vol down method. Is my stock recovery borked? Any tips on how to get twrp on my phone, hoping it installs over the broken stock recovery. Thanks in advance for reading this.
Carrier: VZW
Phone: LG G2