Default cyanogenmod lost data

Well, the problem is that I installed a rom for my alcatel ot 995 of the android 4.2.2 cyanogenmod ... passing .. ? this rom is not stable, faster downloading , has some problems but the main problem is that it grabs the mobile network , I mean , I can call, receive calls , or anything not really know why ..

so now I try to install the 4.0.4 , I tried downloading 2 different rom of 4.0.4, but will not , it stays cyanogenmod , someone help me ? :/

when I go to settings to view says unknown IMEI and IP address unavailable, to unknown phone number , and status unknown cellular network , I can not use whatsapp , nothing like that , I'm afraid , not to do, and not I lose my phone .

then the cell always makes me slow, slow, no, it seems that you have limited space or memory and always ends slow, rather than try to erase things continues, if there is anything I can do please tell me ..

I speak Spanish , I'm speaking from the translator , I hope you help me :/