Default Overscroll Inconsistencies Bug in AOSP

tl;dr Android UI Bug. Please, no extraneous comments on bug. Use the star.

I reported this today, and figured that a bit of attention will help get it fixed.

EDIT: Please use the star button on the issue tracker page. Adding a me-too comment or a comment without specific details makes bugs less likely to be addressed by the Android Team, and buries technical reports on the bug status.

The overscroll effect in the Launcher(s) and Keyguard isn't consistent and makes my inner UI designer twitch.

Overscroll not consistent in Launcher2, Launcher3, and Keyguard

The overscroll UI in Launcher2 and the Keyguard/Lock Screen doesn't match the new "flatter/card-style" UI in Launcher3.
Each of the effects is slightly different in terms of the gradient, the edge effect, and the tilt of the "card".