Smile [Q] print a doc file with a epson xp 315 and a TF101 on widi direct

I ve got a technical question for you !

I'm this owner of an

asus eeepad tf101
wifi ver v6.3.1.24
bluetooth V8.30
system android 4.0.3
gps v6.9.12
screen mxt-1.1 build -170
version noyeau android@mars#1
n build iml74k.ww_epad- 206 15
mobil dock ep101-0213
and the printer is a n epson XP 315 with the wifi direct print function

How can I print a doc file using an epson printer XP-315 in wifi direct (no router is available) and without transforming this file to a pdf format ?

I can not use google-cloud because I can not reach internet when I'm using my eepad !

My printer is detected on wifi direct by the asus, I can print jpg files, very slowly 15 mn for a pic !

can you please help me !