Default Offline flash help?

Okay heres the issues. My dad recently deleted all my lg stuff on the computer using one of his "pc boosters". Well I reinstalled the support tool and drivers (im trying to unlock my friends bootloader). I changed compatibilty to the correct setting and the program still would not run. I finally thought to check the hosts file and it was still modified to use the offline method, I changed it back to its orginal state and reinstalled it. Finally it opened and seemed to work fine. I changed the hosts file back and set the compatibilty to the correct setting. It seemed to be fixed so I went to flash the v10g kdz to his phone, the program opened correctly, and allowed me to select my kdz file. The problem is when I go to flash it. When I click the bottom right button used to begin the process it comes up to where it shows the phones info but nothing is listed(has always been like this for me, even during successful flashes). Then I click the start upgrade button. The box comes up saying checking for lg mobile support upgrade with the red loading bar. Now is when I have the problem, instead of asking my language like it should and beginning to flash after selecting it, it brings up the mobile support tool like im using the online method. The one that has the options on the left to check upgrades and load usb drivers below that. I don't understand, ive checked my hosts file and its modified correctly and im running the https server. What all would I need to do to completely wipe every trace of drivers/program from my system? Even after uninstalling drivers and the support tool the etc folder remains that contains the hosts file. Im thinking maybe it created a new host file somewhere that im not seeing that its running off of and the one i've modified is obselete. Im just guessing though. Has anyone else had this issue or know the solution? Thanks !

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