Default [Q] C6802 Ultra Z Thailand Walkman error Sony Bridge for mac repair will not let me

unfortunately sound enhancements has stopped settings and Audio Quality,Sound effects,settings and the error message.
went to settings and apps, walkman 7.15 A 0.0
Did a clear Data.
There was another Walkman listed and I disabled and uninstalled it.
I never rooted this phone but have a 64 gb SD XD card installed.

I did what I read to try and fix it. I never did any enhancing on this phone.
I went to setting and went through all I read on Google to fix it and that is how I found
this Site.

Since I only have a mac mini latest version OSX and Bridge for Mac,connected with the USB and backed up OK,
say 4.2.2. is the latest.
No updates available.
Then the problem with repair it says to unplug the usb and wait 5 seconds and plug it back in with
holding the down volume button.
Kept getting an error to retry it.
Says I was in safe mode each time.
So that is my problem. Seem to always have a problem with Sony Bridge for Mac.
I hope I answered all the questions before you asked them ?
I hope someone can help even though someone wrote somewhere to try and reset from the phone which
I have not done yet. I have already mentioned I backed up the phone. I have had issues with DT and not using it
just was hoping to play my Itunes Play lists from the Walkman with enhanced sounds
if I could?
thanks in advance