Default [Q] App to simulate auto-on for 7.0 flip cover

I bought a flip cover for my 7.0 Tab 3 despite knowing that it does not have auto-on/off functionality with a smart cover, unlike the 8.0 which does.

I figured I'd just use an app that still provides similar functionality by utilizing the proximity sensor. I didn't really think about whether the Tab actually has a proximity sensor, which it doesn't haha. So now I'm wondering if there's any other way to have it turn on/off when I open/close the cover.

Is there any sort of app out there that doesn't require a proximity sensor to do this? Perhaps the front-facing camera? I've done a lot of searching but I'm not finding much and maybe I'm not searching with the right queries.

Additionally, even if such an app doesn't exist, would it still be possible? I'm willing to take a stab at coding if someone more knowledgeable can confirm a possible method.

Any help would be appreciated.
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