Default [Q] Can't Execute Script via Terminal Emulator

Hello all,

I'm trying to run a script on my rooted Galaxy W GT-I8150 but - here's the rub - the script use to run perfectly but now returns a syntax error.

The script runs on my Mac, and I know it's syntactically flawless. But if I try to run it from ADB shell, it returns a syntax error. The syntax error is the same if I try to run it from the terminal emulator on the phone. It stopped working after I used CWM to restore a backup of my stock rom.

However, my stock rom is still rooted, with SU and busybox installed. I am wondering if I should wipe my cache or something?

The error is:
sdcard/external_sd/ 4: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")

The first four lines of the script is this:
str=( "ccid_ctrl" "ccid_bulk" "smem_log" "ttySMD0" "ttyCSD0" "ttyHS0" "poop.rtf" ) ;
str2=( "mmcblk1" "mmcblk0p" ) ;
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks,