Default [GUIDE] BEST BATTERY SAVING setup tips one can find

I have seen a lot of people not getting batter battery life on AOKP, AOSP, CM, HYBRID or STOCK ROMs....

So I thought of setting up this step by step guide to set up the phone with very good battery life.

1. Flash the ROM that you would like to use. (AOKP,AOSP, CM, HYBRID or even STOCK)

2. After flashing the rom, reboot the phone and set it up.

3. If your custom Kernel supports any of the following settings than it will be good as well

CPU & GPU - Undervolt 100mV (If your phone can handle it, I have done it since day one never had problems. )
Zram - you can use swap partition on Sd Card or swap file. both are great.
Governer settings - FREQ_LIMIT_SLEEP - 500 Mhz

4. IF YOU ARE USING 4.3+ ROM than - Go to Settings>wifi>Options>Advance> UNCHECK "Scanning always available". Also uncheck NFC services in settings.

5. If you are not using location services all the time than you can do the following as well and you can enable the location services whenever you need them.

Go to GOOGLE SETTINGS APP>Location> UNCHECK "Access Location"
google settings app>maps & lattitude. UNCHECK "report from this device"

6. Install SYSTEM TUNER PRO with GREEN ICON from market.

This is the link:

7. Follow the guide in my video. The link is below: It will remove useless wakelocks from apps like google wallet, google talk, google plus, IF YOU ARE NOT USING THEM.

Video with DISCLAIMER :
Thread with DISCLAIMER : Thanks to SKIPJACKS

8. Install Greenify and Greenify Donation. Links are below:

You need to install XPOSED FRAMEWORK for the Donation app to work.

Greenify Donation:
Xposed Framework:

9. Greenify all user apps and some of the system apps.

System apps that I have greenified:

google contacts sync
google play services
network location
nfc service
android keyboard
bluetooth share
calender storage
cell broadcast
certificate installer
DRM protected content storage
exchange services
google account manager
google bookmark sync
google partner setup
google search
google text to speech engine
html viewer
key chain
market feedback agent
media storage
one time init
package access helper
package installer
pico TTS ( I use IVONA Voices)

10. Install 3G/4G Optimizer Pro and go to additional tweaks and check all the 4 of them and than reboot the phone.

We need pro version because it has some additional tweaks for wifi scan, RILS, TCP which saves battery a lot.

11. This step is going to take few minutes of observation.

In the new greenify app there is an option to CUT the connection of the app that is waking up the services.

Now for example,

I am using swift key keyboard not the android keyboard that comes with the rom, but android keyboard also wakes up GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES and keeps it running, so I cut the wake-up path. So now android keyboard will not wake-up GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES.

SO you need to find out which apps are waking-up the system apps and cut the wake-up paths IF THE APP IS NOT IMPORTANT.

12. Go to setting>MORE> DISABLE NFC Services.

13. Download ROM tools box pro

Go to build.prop Editor

change the value of PM Sleep mode>to 1

If you dont have this line than add it.

And Reboot.

-screen time 3 Hrs with 60% brightness
-Mobile Data, Sync and Bluetooth on around 7 Hrs 30 Mins
-Battery Drain during Night for around 8.30 PM to 6.00 AM - 3% to 4%

CREDIT goes to all of the developers of ROM, MODs, and APPs...
Capt. Chaitanya Patel

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