Default [Q]Majority of sensors not working properly

Hello everyone in XDA

This is my first post, but I've already used this blog to solve many of my problems in the past, and for that I thank everyone.
But currently I'm facing a kind of problem I don't find a solution for. What happens is that gyroscope and accelerometer aren't working properly. Most of the times I boot my phone, it switches properly from portrait to landscape mode, and even if I use de CPU-Z app i find they are all outputting readings properly. But after about half an hour none of them outputs nothing at all. Two situations that may be hidding some solutionable behaviour:
1- if I let the sensors-reading app open in memory, the sensors keep outputting data;
2- when the sensors stop outputting data, all the lines in the sensors tab of CPU-Z are blank, however if I force the use of the light sensor it suddently appears the output of its data.

Currently I'm using a nightly of CM, but in the past month I had still the stock rom, which presented the same problem.

I've already thought it could be hardware problem, but I find this inconsistencies somewhat awkward and irregular.