Default [Q] internal sd storage partition/mount problem

i tried to post the issue for nexus 7 2013 device specifically at but i believe it is not device specific (the full logs are in that thread):

I'm using a nexus 7 2013 and getting a strange message from logcat system log:
cutils : Failed to mkdir(/mnt/shell/emulated/0): Read-only file system
dalvikvm: cannot mountExternalStorage(): Read-only file system

when i try to run applications that needs the internal sd storage they cannot access "/storage/emulated/0" which points to "/mnt/shell/emulated/0" and i'm getting an error message (even google play and the camera application aren't working).

i tried reflashing the original rom with flash-all script (which went fine) but am getting the same errors during boot afterwards.

image installled from here (i have the Wifi Version):