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Let me specify this question - I'm looking for a camera app with lots of advanced options, which is NOT on the play store, but rather is packed on a custom ROM. It can be close to stock, just with a few improvements, too, just list the name of the ROM containing the app (or the thread, if it's not in a ROM). My question isn't device specific, so the only criteria are:
  • The ROM containing the Camera app should be Jellybean on Kitkat
  • The closer to AOSP, the better (Which means no touchwiz, sense etc. based cameras, please )
I'm looking for a great, not too far from stock camera app to work with when improving the Galaxy Nexus and it's camera functions
Cheers, everyone!
My Devices:
Google Galaxy Nexus running Purity 4.3.0 or Kitkat! (Whichever one I feel like using :P)

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