Prompt MMC Reset

The eMMC module "crashed" in my Nexus 7, and it got into write-locked mode as much as I can tell.
Actually I get -110 on init, I can't reach the block devices in adb, as it says it's busy.

What I can do:
  • Get into bootloader mode
  • Get into recovery mode (The screen stays at TWRP logo, but I can adb shell in it, but I can't read or write the mmc blocks)

Now this is not much help in write locked mode of course, but then I ran into this thread.

I could try the same with my Nexus 7, but I need some help:
  • Reset command (if there is any) for H26M64003DQR (I guess that's what is inside the 32GB version)
  • A dump from the boot and some other neccesary partitions.

As an alternative if someone knows the pinouts of eMMC chip I can use to solder to an sd card reader, it would help a lot.
As a second alternative, if anyone knows a way to boot right from usb, it would help too.

If anyone could help me with this, I would be really grateful.