Default [Guide] Change the statusbar from grey to black in Samsung TouchWiz stock firmware

Hey guys, I made a video that shows you how to decompile the SystemUI.apk from the stock system firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is currently on Android 4.1.2. In this video I show you how to change the statusbar color from grey to black and also how to change the notification shade pulldown handle.

In this video I am using apktool 1.5.2 on my MacBook Pro running OS X Mavericks, however the method is the same regardless of which OS your computer is running.

Get apktool here:
You can also download my modified SystemUI.apk:

To install my SystemUI.apk, just download it to your phone, move it to system/app with a root file browser and overwrite the stock SystemUI.apk. Make sure you reset the permission for the new SystemUI.apk, RW, R, R.

Thanks for having a look and enjoy the video.

H.I.T - HTC International Team

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