Default Bootloop Installing Android Revolution 5.2 Google Edition HTC One

Hello there,
I just experienced a much-dreaded boot loop (both OS and Bootloader) when installing the newest Android Revolution Google Edition. I have the HTC One m7 (international), Canada.

I hope that what happened to me would help somebody else.

1. What I did:
I installed the latest TeamWin recovery
I then flashed Android Revolution 5.2

2. What happened:
a. There was an install error message
b. The phone got into a double boot loop: it would not load the Operating System and it would also not get into Recovery Mode. It was a constant loop.

3. Why did this happen:
You need TeamWin Recovery or else you end up with a bricked phone.

4. How I solved the problem:
Do this before start:
Install ADB and Fastboot if you don't have it. I use a Linux distro, but there are ADB and Fastboot files for Windows / Mac computers.
Google the Team Win Recovery file, download it and place it in the same folder where you have ADB and Fastboot.
Download Android Revolution GE Edition 5.2 and place the file in the same folder (ADB and Fastboot)

Now, the actual steps:
4.a) Press the power and volume down button at the same time. You will enter the HTC boot menu
4.b) Connect the phone to the computer
4.c) Select Fastboot on the phone, the volume buttons let you navigate, the power button is "enter"
4.d) Open a terminal / command line in your computer. Navigate to the ADB/Fastboot folder. Type: Fastboot devices. You should see the HTC One connected. Type: fastboot erase cache
4.e) Type on the computer: fastboot flash recovery twrp-
4.f) If things go well, you will see the message: sending 'recovery' (9184 KB)... OKAY writing 'recovery'... OKAY
4.g) Type in the computer terminal/ command line: fastboot boot twrp-
You should be now able to access the TeamWin recovery. Your phone is still useless, but at least the boot loop to recovery has been solved.

5. Installing the ROM
If you had your Android Revolution already in the internal SD card, you can flash it like any other custom ROM. This time, it will work.

If you don't have any ROM in your SD card, use the following command on the computer terminal: adb push [file name] Remember that the file must be in the same folder than ADB

Voilá! Your phone is back in business. I hope someone will find this useful. Good luck.