Default [Q] Compressing CM-11 Nightly/Stable post binary update

Hi, So twice today I've tried flashing CM-11 on my G2 d801 variant. I tried the nightly first and then the stable version and neither of the zips would make the initial pass through recovery. Already had it in mind that it had something to do with outdated binary, as I was using, as is recommended in the OP, TWRP to flash.
This just turned out to be confirmed in the Unofficial CM-11 thread, to which I am unable to post. Vertigo offered up the updated binary for download, I snagged it and went on to switch out the compressed binary with the update.
My question is whether there is a certain compression rate I should use when zipping the ROM again or whether standard compression (on Android) is well enough. I'd appreciate any help the community might offer. I've simply never disassembled a ROM before with the intent of ever using it again.

Thanks in advance,