Exclamation [Q] pedal/button issue in games? (touchscreen?)

Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a 2014 Note 10.1, primarily for gaming. It's still bone stock, updated to the latest US firmware (MK1). I am experiencing an issue with the touchscreen. In games such as Asphalt 7, Riptide & Mini Motor, if I set them for manual acceleration with an on-screen pedal, the pedal works intermittently. For instance, if I start a new game in any of the above titles, the pedal works for maybe the first 10 seconds and even with finger still on it, the on-screen pedal just deactivates at some random point. If you go to press the on-screen pedal again, it may or may not engage immediately - and if it does, it will disengage again at some point. It will do this throughout the game making them impossible to play well. At first I thought it was a problem with Asphalt 7, but the same exact thing happens in Riptide and Mini Motor. So now I'm wondering if my brand new Note has a touchscreen issue or if this is problem that other people can reproduce.

Could anyone please let me know if this exact same behavior happens to you? I really don't want to have to return this tablet if its just a driver issue.

Please let me know, thanks.