Default Audio Issues: Can't make calls

I am not sure if this has been discussed before, I tried searching around but I couldn't find anyone dealing with this issue before with the GS3.

I've had this problem with the Motorola S305 Bluetooth headset I started using with my GS3. Basically it would have problems going back to regular non bluetooth calls after I would use the headset, even with bluetooth off the call would turn off and on over and over again, but eventually with repairing bluetooth or forceclosing bluetooth share and the phone app I was able to get it to go back to making calls normally, using the speaker for audio as well.

But 3 days ago that changed, I couldn't get it to make calls after I had used the bluetooth headset to listen to some music for a few hours. It'd take 20-30 seconds to launch the phone app and by then it'd have zero audio. The people I called said there was no volume when they connected, and music wouldn't come out of the speaker again. I tried the fixes I had used before, no dice.

I tend to run rooted but just haven't had the time lately to get back to it, so I've been running stock, nothing complicated, but I figured when I pulled the 4.3 stock upgrade that would have to fix it....but it didn't, same issue. I also factory reset, no difference. I can still bluetooth pair and get audio to the headset for music, but i can't make calls that way, seems to have the same 30 seconds of jammed no changes.

I took it to sprint, they had no clue obviously, it wasn't a corporate store and the closest one is a hour and a half away. I'm about to actually call them and demand a replacement be sent, but I should be able to figure this out somehow, am I missing something? I hope someone has dealt with this stupid issue before.