Default Trouble with firmware and data

Alright, I'm trying to remember everything about the 3D because I temporarily reactivated mine while my HTC One is being repaired. For the last 24 hours I've been trying to flash firmware with varying degrees of success on a win7 pc and a win8 machine. The win8 has been pretty much useless and win7 hasn't let me fastboot, though let me relock the bootloader when attempting to RUU, though I haven't had luck installing the RUU either using the exe or zip. I found a firmware zip without hboot and I guess that worked, but after flashing a stock ROM my data isn't working, only wifi.

Can anyone tell me which firmware and ROM to try? Below is my info. HTC Update will allow me to OTA to .5 but I haven't let it.

May 17 2012, 15:06:44

2.89.651.2 firmware, forget where I got the PG86IMG I flashed but the RUU exe and zip I tried are from here


Thank you

EDIT: Alright, flashed the 2.95.651.5 firmware from the link below and regained data after the profile update was able to complete.

Quick Boot isn't working or listed in SuperUser for some reason but I think I'll experiment with a 4.3 CM-based ROM in the meantime.