Default Hammerhead...system update feature

This is a repost from the thread in the Nexus 5 community. Not sure where the devs go, so i thought id post here to make sure someone sees this. I'm erring on the side of caution, here.

Jeez! Just updated via the system update feature and man! What a nightmare! The phone freaked out! Google FCs, Play Store errors, Zooper FCed, Media Utilities FCed. I had a black homescreen! I had to reflash gapps and SuperSu, as I lost root. Then I had to turn Google Now back on. Then I had to redo the homescreen and update Xposed Framework. Wow! I'm glad I have patience! Anyway, next time I'm going to manually update. Something went horribly wrong with that system update feature! The phone seems okay now. Just went crazy for a bit, there. My settings and the updater did not agree, somehow.

Edit: I've since learned that system update is for users that don't use mods or a custom kernel. Both of which I use. Lesson learned! Hopefully others will see this and learn from it, too. Sorry for the repost but as I said, I was being cautious.

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