Camera Panono: Panoramic Ball Camera

Hi there,

Some of you might have already noticed our project, a ball shaped camera you can throw into the air to capture a fully spherical panorama. We are currently running an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to raise the funds needed. We see that many campaigns nowadays launch with apps, usually only iOS and most of them don't really put much effort into their apps. We want to go a different way as I am a long member of xda-devs and include the community into the app development. As the camera is supposed to be used with a smart phone or tablet, the app is essential for the Panono.

So what does our app actually do? Well, you can re-experience the situation captured with the Panono camera by navigating the 360x360 panoramas by moving your phone/tablet like a window into the captured moment. If my English failed to make it understandable, please have a look at the video starting from 1:22.

We are facing a problem with our app which is caused by the different implementation of the gyroscope sensor reading in different phone models. Unlike on iOS, only few Android phones have a correct algorithm to calculate the current device orientation. The result is a shaky experience in our app. We are trying our best in optimizing our app to work with all devices. To address this issue, we are also having a talk at droidcon in Stockholm right now.

So what help are we seeking right now?
We need people who have a android phone with built-in gyro test the app. The following feedback would be interesting:
Device model: (e.g. Samsung S4)
Shakyness: (e.g. image is jumping around but the orientation is correct)
Lag: (e.g. it takes a while until the correct orientation is displayed)
Jumps: (e.g. the orientation jumps into some random direction for a few frames and returns to the right direction afterwards)

You can get the app here:

If you have any question about the Panono as the next-gen accessory for your android device, you can also post here, of course.