Question [Q] Acer E350


I have a E350 as the title suggests.
A while back i bought a Lumia 620, i felt i needed some change from android. This 620 however, just doesn't work for me, i hate the limited amount of 'good' apps on it, the youtube app (the app i use most on all of my devices) is just a link to the webbrowser, social networking apps don't work good, half of the time it won't even charge, battery runs dry withing 20 hours. Yesterday it only lasted 10 hours. Yes, 10 hours.

Now i want to change back to my E350, but it won't turn on anymore! If u plug it into my pc or into a power outlet, the blue light just lits up. Doesn't boot. Now, i did some research on it and a lot of posts on the web tell me that it's bricked by installing a wrong firmware or something. The funny thing is, it never connected to my pc, windows always said the device can't be recognized because it doesn't work good. So i never changed something on the phone. Never rooted or anything. How can it be bricked if i haven't done anything to it? And how can i pull it out of it's "bricked" situation? Please someone help me cause i'm getting sick of my Lumia.