Exclamation [Q] Fastcardtech or chinavasion?

Hello everyone, new guy here but oldie at coming at this page. I have a question regarding fastcardtech, it's a website that sells chinese phone clones and other ''legit'' chinese brands. I have never used it to shop there but I saw a zopo ZP990 for like $266 compared to chinavasion which has it at $380 including the S&H. I have NEVER used fastcardtech but have heard a LOT of negative feedback from the costumers. On the other hand I have bought A LOT of stuff from chinavasion and they have great costumer service IMO and I have never had a problem with them but I have also heard a lot of bad stuff from chinavasion.

Is fastcardtech safe? not bad like many people say? Should I give it a go? I really dont know why the difference in price from both websites. I think fastcardtech maybe selling a clone and not the original zopo ZP990. I know with chinavasion I will get a good product and support but at $380 it's out of my range. Anyone got any personal experience with fastcardtech that can give me a heads up?