Thumbs down [Q] MK4 roms get stuck in a bootloop & are generally buggy (old bootloader)

So I tried out the MJ5 4.3 leaks for a while and then switched to 4.4 OmniROM until there was a nice stable 4.3 TouchWiz ROM out, but the 4.4 roms currently have a few bugs that keep them from being a daily driver for me. However, I can't seem to get any MK4 roms to work on my device.

Everytime I flash them after a full wipe using TWRP and Philz, the system runs okay while I'm setting it up until eventually things start force closing and the phone restarts. And every time it restarts, be either by itself or from the power menu, it gets stuck in a bootloop. And not even a regular one, it gets stuck even before the boot animation right on the Galaxy Note 2 N7100 text. Wiping cache & data do nothing, doing a factory reset makes it boot again but very unstable and in the next reboot the problem is back.

I have a N7100 with the latest TWRP recovery and I've tried flashing with Philz recovery as well. Tried the DN3 rom, Phoenix ROM, Dr Ketan's ROM, Wanam's ROM and Sotmax and all of them have the same problem. There was a thread here a few days ago with someone having this exact same problem and I started following it but it suddenly dissappeared a day later before anyone had a solution.

Any help?