Exclamation [Q] Dark Bootloader with S-On. Options?

I have an AT&T HTC One I bought off swappa. It was fully converted to the Google Play Edition. About a week ago I clicked install update when it popped up (dumb probably). It rebooted and showed a "no command" screen with a keeled over android guy with his stomach open and a caution sign there.

I took it to Seattle Android Guy who tried to get it all stock by locking the bootloader and turning s-on, but it wouldn't take it because the bootloader was still the dark bootloader. I took it back home and managed to get TWRP Recovery on it, but it won't take any of the roms I try to flash over to it or install via TWRP. I am pretty new to everything so if you have a solution, the more detailed the better. I've read that it's possible it is bricked, but I really want to keep looking for a solution. I paid almost $400 for this device and only got a couple weeks use out of it. Any suggestions, ideas, or help would be greatly appreciated.