Default Ongoing/Multiple notifications for certain apps

So I have had all three of the Galaxy Note phones, but I am having this weird problems with some apps and their notifications only on my Note 3. For example, whenever I use Pandora I have 2 notifications constantly running in my status bar. One of them tells me the song that is currently playing and the second one is telling me that Pandora is running. If I go into the app manager and disable the ongoing notification, it takes away both and I want to keep the song notification running.

I have this problem for other apps also, like ReLaunch. I went into the app settings and disabled the ongoing notification, but it is still there. So I went into the app manager again like I did with Pandora to take it away. Now whenever I restart my phone the notification comes back until I uncheck and then recheck the box to disable the notification. This also happens with other apps like some sms apps and Buzz Launcher.

Does anyone else have these problems and/or ways to fix them? I am running stock and not rooted at the moment.