Exclamation [Q] Can only flash certain ROMs on HTC One X (evita)

To preface this, I'm not extremely experience with the terminology or the how-it-works of ROMs and the Android OS.

I am unable to flash the latest nightly or stable CyanogenMod or AOKP ROMs to my HTC One X (evita). However, I am able to flash Scott's CleanROM. I am using the lastest TWRP ( version to flash these from my internal SD card, as this phone does not have an external SD slot. I have completely wiped my phone many times between installing roms and have formatted the SD card. I used the RUU for my device to install the default ROM and, afterwards, the CyanogenMod and AOKP ROMs still will not flash. I don't have any specific information on why they will not flash, TWRP just tells me that the process failed.

Thanks for any assistance.