Default [Q] Google Play (UK) --- All paid apps are not displayed!!!

Hello ,

Since yesterday i have the following problem using Google Play 4.5.10 :

I cannot see any paid app when searching Google play store (UK)
I have not set up any credit card yet but i had never had any problem like that before.
The only tabs in Google play store are : Categories , want quick suggestions , top free , top new free , trending
When searching using my phone standard apps like Facebook , Viber , Whatsapp they are not listed despite the fact that they are already installed in the phone.

I am using my VPS server running VPN service with static uk ip while connecting from abroad (more than a month).
I have force closed google play store , cleared data and cash without any luck.
Paid apps are not even listed from the web when searching for apps using my notebook while connected to my google account.

Any ideas??

Thank you.