Default [Q] launcher home screen app or mod

Hello, been using xda for years but never posted as I've always worked out any issues or querys, through searching the forum for relevant threads and posts. But I've not found much on my latest search. So i have assumed it's not possible but on the off chance i thought i would see if there any of the cleaver guys on the forum could work out if it's possible or not.

Basically i have used apex launcher since its first release on all my devises except for on my s7300 which i have nova to see what the differences where. It's a great launcher and i can't really knock it. Except for how i like to set up my devices 9 home screens are quite limitations, don't get me wrong 9 screens will display a lot.
But I like to have a home screen dedicated to settings/optimising apps (set cpu, tb, rom tool box etc) a screen for social and media a couple of screens dedicated to android games, then I like to set up screens with short cuts to the top 50 ROMS for a specific console. So a screen of 50 short cuts for n64 roms, a screen for top 50 psx iso short cuts, snes, nes, ds and so on.

my query is is there any know mod available or would it be possible to mod the apk to allow more than the max 9 available screens? Or is anyone aware of another launcher which allows more than 9 home screens. I have assumed there is something stopping devs going above the magic 9 mark as that's where all the best launchers seem to have stopped.

If anyone has any insight on this it would be greatly appreciated, and Thank you for taking the time to read this